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Discover there is a God - and He loves you. Listen to messages that encourage and motivate. Enjoy worship where you lose yourself in God's presence and find refreshing. Meet this Jesus Christ who wants to know you and live the life you were designed for.

Welcome to Lighthouse UPC

Dan & Jill Sargeant - UPCI

God loves you and so does His Church! Many people have a deep awareness of their need for God and His church but do not know where to start. Many struggle with fear based on past experiences or just the unknown. We are committed to helping people overcome fear and find Faith through trust in Christ.

We're a friendly, Pentecostal Christian church, but Pentecost is not a religion. It is an experiential relationship with a personal God! Our goal is to facilitate an opportunity where people can experience a personal encounter with God. God’s Word accompanied by God’s Spirit is a mysterious combination that interacts with our faith to produce transformational miracles.

Come visit us! We look forward to meeting you!!

Pastor Dan & Jill Sargeant

We're Here to Serve You

Sunday School

Sunday mornings begin in the sanctuary, where we sing songs and worship for about fifteen minutes.

Close to Hwy 101

Located in central Newport, we offer private parking. If you're a guest or disabled, we reserve spaces up front.

Service Schedule

Services are held on Sunday mornings at 11 AM and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM. We look forwarding to meeting you.